Michelle Flynn

PhD, Clinical Psychology

Dr. Tavis Campbell

Research Project Title:
The ONE-MIND Study: Evaluating the Efficacy of ONline MINDfulness-Based Cancer Recovery During Chemotherapy Treatment

Michelle first became passionate about scientific research during her first year of undergraduate studies in psychology at Dalhousie University. To nurture this interest, Michelle pursued research opportunities in childhood development,school-based health promotion programming, and women’s pain. During this time,she discovered her interest in clinical health psychology, and she became dedicated to developing her skills as both a researcher and clinician. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree (BA, First Class Honours in Psychology),she began graduate studies in Clinical Psychology (MSc/PhD) under the supervision of Dr. Tavis Campbell at the University of Calgary. Her master’s thesis was a feasibility trial investigating intranasal oxytocin as a treatment for women’s chronic pelvic pain. For her PhD, Michelle is investigating cognitive function following an online mindfulness intervention for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Career Goals:
Michelle wishes to pursue a career in which she independently conducts clinical health psychology research. She is most interested in cancer and health behaviour change.