Kirsti Toivonen


PhD in Clinical Psychology


Dr. Tavis Campbell & Dr. Linda Carlson

Research Project Title:

A mixed-methods investigation of factors associated with adherence to adjuvant hormonal therapies among breast cancer survivors


Kirsti Toivonen completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at  Lake head University then joined the University of Calgary in 2015 to study  Clinical Psychology. She is broadly interested in health psychology, with  particular interests in integrative oncology, reproductive health, and  research methods including behavioural trials. In her spare time, she enjoys  art, weightlifting, and motorcycling. Kirsti is grateful for support from the Canadian Institutes of Health  Research, Alberta Innovates-Health Solutions, the Killam Trusts, and the  TRACTION program.  

Career Goals:

Kirsti plans to become an independent investigator in the field of behavioural medicine with a research program dedicated to improving the health and well-being of those with chronic illness.