Julie Deleemans

PhD, Medical Science

Dr. Linda E. Carlson

Research Project Title:
Long-term effects of chemotherapy on gut microbiota, and metabolic, immune, psychological and cognitive parameters in young adult cancer survivors (CHEMO-Gut Study)


Julie is pursuing her 3rd year PhD in Medical Science specializing in Psychosocial Oncology. Julie also holds a MSc. Degree in Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Western Ontario. Julie's main area of research interest investigates the long-term effects of chemotherapy on gut microbiota, and how this relates to immune, metabolic, cognitive and psychological parameters in young adult cancer survivors. She also has a keen interest in knowledge translation, and intervention development and implementation. As Julie is herself a cancer survivor, she is highly motivated and very passionate about her work, and through her research hopes to help other young cancer survivors navigating the cancer journey. Julie also enjoys volunteering with various cancer groups, committees, and advocacy initiatives.Finally, Julie is passionate wellness and competes in pole fitness, but also enjoys cross training with boxing, weight lifting, and rock climbing.

Career Goals:
In the future, Julie aims to establish a program of research focused on: (i)understanding the effects of cancer on the gut microbiome and psychosocial health; (ii) exploring these parameters and developmental implications in adolescent and pediatric cancer populations; (iii) develop targeted interventions with individualized pre/probiotic, exercise and nutrition programs for young cancer survivors; (iv)improve knowledge translation practices from research to clinicians and patients.