Dr. Amanda Wurz

Postdoctoral, Kinesiology

Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed

Research Project Title
Moving knowledge to practice: developing, implementing and evaluating in-hospital physical activity practices to enhance health for children during treatment for cancer.

My training to date has focused on developing and testing physical activity interventions as a means of promoting quality of life for children,adolescents, and adults diagnosed with cancer. I have training in a variety of research designs, methods, statistical techniques, and substantive areas relevant to my field. As well, I have experience developing physical activity programs,collaborating on multi-site trials, and synthesizing evidence. In my research, I am interested in understanding the antecedents and correlates of physical activity as well as in exploring how physical activity can enhance quality of life (i.e., mediators, moderators). Further, I am passionate about balancing research rigor and pragmatic considerations to get individuals diagnosed with cancer active.

Career Goals
During my postdoctoral fellowship I hope to develop,implement, and evaluate in-hospital physical activity practices while situating myself as an independent researcher. Looking beyond my fellowship, I strive to obtain a research position at a leading Canadian institution and to have a well-funded research program that is known for conducting high impact research that directly improves quality of life for individuals with cancer.