Catharine Bowman

Bachelor of Health Sciences, Honours

Dr. Linda Carlson

Research Project Title
The Application of Flavonoids as a Novel Treatment for Cancer-Related Lymphedema

Catharine Bowman is a fourth year Bachelor of Health Sciences student working under the mentorship of Dr. Pierre-Yves von derWeid and Dr. Linda Carlson. Following her mother’s diagnosis with lymphedema in 2007, Catharine dedicated six years of research efforts to exploring the pharmacological potential of two compounds as novel therapeutics for lymphedema. Catharine has recently expanded her lymphedema research into the field of psychosocial oncology with the goal of exploring the lymphedema experience from a clinical perspective.

Career Goals
Catharine plans to pursue an MD/PhD with a potential focus within the field of oncology and cancer-related lymphedema care. It is Catharine’s hope to serve those experiencing cancer within a clinical setting, whilst maintaining an active research background that builds upon foundational oncological care.