Current Fellows


Srishti Shrivastav

Srishti Shrivastav

Srishti Shrivastav

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

Dr. Meghan McDonough

Research Project Title
Best social support predictors of physical activity in cancer survivors

I am entering my fourth year of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. I have always had a passion for long distance running which grew into my curiosity to explore how exercise can drastically improve an individual’s health and well-being. I decided to explore some of my interests deeply by applying to the honours program where I will be able to further enhance my skills through investigational and analytical work. I will be working on my honours project under Dr. Megan McDonough on social support and cancer survivors. I am thrilled to be working on this project as I am interested to find out about how social relationships are associated with human behaviour,and how social support could prove to be beneficial to cancer survivors during the rehabilitation process.

Career Goals
My long-term career goal is to work as a physician in healthcare public policy development. I believe in analyzing and utilizing the cutting-edge research available to develop novel policies to help better the lives of people.