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Manuel Ester

Manuel Ester

Manuel Ester

PhD Kinesiology: Exercise Oncology

Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed

Research Project Title
Investigating the use of mobile health technology to support exercise adherence in cancer survivors

Exercise oncology, my field of research, combines my life long passion for health promotion through physical activity with the desire to help improve the lives of cancer patients around the world. Growing up, the importance of exercise to a healthy lifestyle was engrained in me through involvement in competitive soccer, freestyle skiing, and hiking. While studying cancer at a molecular level during my studies, work as a personal trainer allowed me to establish positive physical activity habits among many clients. Finally, after moving to Sweden to pursue my Master of Science, I began working in exercise oncology,investigating the molecular mechanisms behind the positive effects of exercise in cancer treatment. Shortly after graduating, my passion took me across the world to Tanzania, where I designed and implemented daily exercise programs for childhood cancer patients at a local non-profit. This work was both challenging and fulfilling, prompting me to seek out a PhD position at the University of Calgary’s Health and Wellness Lab, where I will be a part of translating research findings into improved exercise programming in standard cancer care.

Career Goals
With my experience in medical research and exercise therapy, my aim is to work towards effective implementation and an improved understanding of exercise prescription as a beneficial tool in cancer prevention/treatment.In doing so, I hope to promote the benefits of physical activity in improving quality of life and managing cancer.