Current Fellows


Hailey Zwicker

Hailey Zwicker

Hailey Zwicker


MSc. Medical Science


Dr. Fiona Schulte

Research Project Title:

Social Competence in Children with Sickle Cell Disease


I completed my BSc with First Class Honours in Neuroscience at Dalhousie University in 2019. My undergraduate research experiences included the topics of mTBI, epilepsy, diagnostic imaging, neuroplasticity and exercise. I am very passionate about learning, and have been fortunate enough to join the Care4Kids lab and grow my interest in pediatric psychosocial research. My current graduate research with children diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease has driven my passion for research in intersectional health care. I believe that expanding our knowledge and understanding of underrepresented populations in Western medicine and healthcare is critical in developing treatments and management strategies, which have been unnecessarily missing.

Career Goals:

Following my Msc degree, I wish to pursue academia by obtaining a PhD and attending medical school. I plan to become a clinician scientist who continues to study populations that are often overlooked or marginalized in medical research,specifically in pediatrics.